A long weekend in Antwerp

I always wanted to go to Antwerp. It is a small city, but it holds so much history, great fashion/design/art and amazing food. We spend a weekend here with the girls strolling around the old town, eating plenty of French fries (which apparently is “invented in Belgium”) and great art.

We drove in our car, and one thing, which is very important to know, is that Antwerp is a low-emission-zone, so a registration is necessary and you will need o buy a permit to enter with your car (link here).

We stayed in a hotel just next to the central station, and there was an underground parking space in the square in front of the hotel/station, making it super easy to park. And we didn’t use the car while we were there as most things where in walking distance or just one metro stop away. To be honest, we would probably not stay here the next time, as we spend most of our time in the old town, but the main reason would be that there was a lot of party noise from the surrounding restaurants/bars in the square.

That being mentioned, the hotel was good, and if you don’t mind a Little noise in the evening it is a really nice place to stay: Hotel Indigo