Another night – Another market

Every weekend from around 7pm every the streets running north from Hang Dao are closed to traffic (almost) and vendors set up stalls selling all kinds of things and food at the Hanoi Weekend Night Market. The Old Quarter functions as a very charming backdrop for all the little stalls. It  is mainly a place to go for the busy atmosphere, souvenirs, things made of polyester or nylon and fake luxury-brand stuff. If hungry, go for the kebab spears and fresh lemon or passionfruit juices.

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Good Morning Vietnam

Our first destination in Vietnam is Hanoi.

The capital of Vietnam since 1976 and a city that is build up around the Red River and is thousands of years old.

Hanoi is a relatively compact city and all the sights are very closely located, making it easy have have an overview in just a couple of days. Which exactly what we have before moving on to our next destination Ha Long Bay…No time to waist…