It’s a Tough Job Eating Out All The Time

But as we told Dagmar; “someone has to do it”…

Her respons to that thought.

Our favourite dish, fresh fish of the day baked with lemon, ginger and herbs

Fresh Spring roles

Snacks at the market

Having the villa here at Koh Samui with a complete kitchen, has ment we now started doing breakfast and snacktime at “home”. However, the main part of our meals are still taken at restaurants or street kitchens.

We rented car and so we can now get around a little more flexible. In Thailand they drive in the wrong side of the road, but we have gotten use to this surprisingly fast. The speeding limit on this island is supposedly 45 per hour. So is that 45 miles per hour? Nope that is 45 kilometers per hour…or you just “go with the flow”…apparently.

Even though the Solar Bar (owned by Laem Sor Residence) just next to our villa is really good, we have also found another couple of favourites.

Hemingway’s on the Beach – Traditional thai food. Also offers longtail boat day trip options.

Sweet Sisters Cafe – Gluten & diary free options. Organic and free-ranged.

Lamai Sunday Night Market – Asian street food.

When it comes to eating out in Thailand, one has always got to remember that the sun has set around 7PM – and then it is pitch-black. So for any special sunsets or other views of scenery it either has to be during the day or before 7PM. The Thais themselves don’t eat before later in the evening, so for any true local experience after 8PM is the time to go.

One thought on “It’s a Tough Job Eating Out All The Time

  1. Maden ser rigtig delikat ud. Vi holder meget af Fresh spring Roles.
    Ja, det er jo ferie for alle, så det at spise ude hører med.


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