Ha Long Bay vol. I

A dream coming true…

Ha Long Bay was one of absolut top destinations for our Vietnam adventure.

The 500 million old bay is a UNESCO heritage site and is no less than amazing. You see it on TV and in movies, but it is just SO much better in real live. We had to pinch ourselves in our arms several times to make sure we were not dreaming.

The bay is the bay and is worth going for no matter what. However, that being said, it really did make the experience better traveling with the Dragon Legend Cruise. Not only is this a 5 star cruise, but it has also exclusivity to visit the Bai tu Long area of Ha Long Bay. This makes a difference. Ha Long Bay is the tourist sight no. 1 in Vietnam and there are a fleet of boats sailing the waters of this bay. Another important (very appealing) thing is that the company works to improve sustainable tourism for the area and therefore share the benefits of responsible tourism with the local communities and protects the bay’s environment. The staff was so kind and paid many special attentions to the girls and their needs. The cabin was spacious and the bathroom of the cabin was huge with the best view we have ever had.

One thought on “Ha Long Bay vol. I

  1. Ja, det er virkelig en uvirkelig oplevelse. Rigtig flot båd. Ikke mange bade har en så spændende udsigt, når båden glider af sted.


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