The face of the youngest person (date 17th of May 2016) to visit to top of the Fansipan mountain.

Fansipan is the highest mountain of Indochina. It is 3.143 meters high.

Just 3 months ago you had to do very hard trekking of 2-5 days to reach the top. But a cable  track has been build and 600 steps of stone steps have been added, so the top is no longer unattainable for those not fit to trek for days.

To be honest it was an ambivalent experience. The cable trip itself was very beautiful and a unique experience. However it felt a bit wrong to have all this man-made stuff of cables, buildings, stairs, shops and (soon to come) hotels on this amazing mountain. We were also told by locals that the building of the track had caused many discussions and conflicts in the area. We understand why.

When we arrived we were told by the guard on the way to the 600 steps up that Dagmar was the youngest person he ever saw to “climb” to the top. She made all the steps by herself. Well done!

The view from the cable car was nothing but spectacular, however when we made it to the top, a cloud had surrounded it and we couldn’t see anything. But the girls thought it was very special to be inside a cloud.


At the top!

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