Seamon Ginza

There is sushi and then there is good sushi.

Recommended by an insider, we went to Ginza to dine at Seamon Restaurant.

As all the best places in Tokyo are hidden, so is this restaurant. Only a very small sign on the door at ground level leads the way. The restaurant is on the 5th floor and a reservation in advance is needed.

We were very excited to try this restaurant that came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. The sushi was amazing – the best we ever had. It came via 13 servings and we had the ‘sake of the house’ to go with the food.

The girls loved that monks we making our food. Obviously they were chefs and not monks, but I will agree with the girls that the clothes does look very similar.

We had a family “room” for the evening, however we definitely recommend booking seats at the bar if possible, where you can see the talented chefs at work.

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