Gwanghwamun Square

The Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, is a very picturesque place to visit in Seoul. The main highlights of the square are the two Statues,  one is of King Sejong the Great (the gold statue) while the other is of Admiral Yi Sun-Sin (the black statue) “backed up” by the Gyeongbokgung Palace at the end of the square.

We spend some time here today shopping a little of the famous K-beauty products and having lunch. The girls were chasing doves and playing in a smaller square further down towards the city hall.

We have to admit, we are so proud of the girls for exploring every little step or stone on the way. They are turning slopes into playgrounds and using their imagination in ways we have not seen them do before. They are walking so many miles along side us every day and following us to museums, temples, trying strange food and sleeping in new places all the time. Of course it is a privilege, however somethings they probably better will understand as they grow older.

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