Touring South Korea

We decided to go for a 5 day K-Shuttle tour around the whole of South Korea.

There is Seoul and then there is South Korea. We wanted to explore the country a little more than just the capital. So we booked a full 5-day tour with K-Shuttle.

We tried to plan sightseeing outside of Seoul ourselves, but it is just too difficult when you don’t have more knowledge about the country than we do. We also heard that communication can be tricky outside of Seoul and on top of things we wanted to gain knowledge about the sights and history.

The concept of the K-Shuttle is to take tourists through traditional and cultural history by visiting the most important places and seeing the most important sights. During the day we are on a bus with a (very small) group and a night we stay at 4-5 star hotels along the way.

The route is: Seoul – Gongju – Buyeo – Jeonju – Gwangju (1 night) – Suncheon – Yeosu (1 night) – Jinju – Busan – Gyeongju (1 night) – Andong – Wonju (1 night) – Pyeongchang – Gangneung – Seorak – Seoul (Final destination).

The days are fully packed 10-12 hours a day, but with this company there is always the option to do or go “our own ways” if wanted/needed – and the girls are world-travelers by now, so we are both confident the tour will be very educational and exciting.


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