Seoraksan National Park


Our final destination of the day, and the entire tour, was the Seoraksan National Park.

This park is known as one of the most beautiful and iconic on the entire Korean Peninsula. It is designated by Unesco as a Biosphere Protection site, it boasts oddly shaped rock formations, dense forests, abundant wildlife, hot springs and ancient Shilla-era temples.

The truly magical places, however, are all located hours of hiking away from the main entrance. So this time around we unfortunately did not have time to explore these places. We had a short lunch and then we went to find one of the small waterfalls. We never made it that far, because we got distracted by playing on the rocks and logs on the way. Before we knew it, time was up, and we had to get back to the bus.

But if we ever do come back to South Korea, a proper hiking tour of this national park will definitely be on top of our to-do/see-list.

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