An art playground is always a good idea

Ordrupgaard is a small (relatively) hidden gem located north of Copenhagen.
The museum opened up to a new way of interacting with art this spring by introducing an art playground. The large museum garden will during the next 2 years have more and more installations located, but for now the pieces by Olafur Eliasson, Jeppe Hein, Doug & Mike Starn and Terunobu Fujimori are in place.

The Olafur Eliasson bronze ring “be in the weather” was truly amazing.

My mother was with us today and we all enjoyed the park a lot. It was perfect for the girls to have playtime (they had so many questions about the art) and then after we went inside to have a look at the Hammershøi exhibition. I am a big fan of Hammershøi, and The exihibitions very beautiful, showcasing art made during his time living in Christianshavn, Strandgade 30.

Due to school holidays Ordrupgaard was not crowded at all and we spend half a day exploring and playing. We already look very much forward to coming back again.

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