The Tower

Lunch with a view.

Today we visited the Bojesen Restaurant also known as “the restaurant in the tower”. The lunch was a Christmas present for my dad and his wife that we finally got to have.

The restaurant is situated in the tower of Christiansborg castle, which is also the home of the Danish parliament. You enter the tower through the King’s Gate.

The food is a modern take on Danish classics and it is definitely very delicious. I went for the special of the day, which was tartar and salmon salat on rye bread, Bjørn had the tartar too and marinated herring. The girls had potato open sandwiches and strawberry sodas. In the evening warm meals are on the menu.

The restaurant is on the way up to the view point in the tower, so it is of course “mandatory” to go up and enjoy the city centre view after finishing your meal. Today was a bit windy and cold, but nonetheless a  beautiful 360 degrees view and not crowded with other (local) tourists at all, which was nice.

Reservations in advance are necessary.

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