Jah Izakaya & Sake Bar

A rare “pearl” in Copenhagen – an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Luckily Asien food is becoming more and more popular in Copenhagen and hence the supply of authentic restaurants is become more diverse and high in quality too.

The Jah Izakaya just opened a couple of months ago with the intention to bring Copenhagen a true “Izakaya” experience. In Japan an Izakaya is what we in Europe would consider a pub or an Inn – but in a classy way. With a michelin-awarded chef, Shinya Ito (who use to work at the Japanese Ambassy in Copenhagen), our expectation were high.

We went for the tasting menu, which consisted of 12 small servings (350,-per person) and 3 different kinds of sake. A variation of sashimi, oysters, beef, vegetables and more came on the table as the evening went along. Every dish was well prepared and all ingrediens were of high standard – no fuss or fancy decoration, just good food. We would definitely go for another visit if given the chance.

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