Il Salumaio Di Montenapoleone

One of the best things about Milan are its hidden courtyards.

In the small street Via Santo Spirito you find an amazing courtyard restaurant in a historic building called Il Salumaio Di Montenapoleone. You can easily miss it, but that does not mean people dont find it. Maybe it is a local secret, but we managed to find this hidden pearl away from all the “action” on Monte Napoleone. And we were lucky to get a table outside (even though the inside is very nice too).

On the menu are Italian classics such as carpaccio, caprese, burrata and risotto. It is a bit pricy, but the food is really good and the courtyard is a nice break from the busy streets of the city.

There is also a small shop, where you can buy Italian classic delicacies to bring home such as cheeses, pasta and much more.

Via Santa Spirito, 10.

From the outside of the Il Salumaio Di Montenapoleone.

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