Sea of Flowers

At Amager along side the water there is a sea of flowers – and the city of Copenhagen invites you to come and pick all you want for free – so we did.


Copenhagen will soon make this area into a large city forrest of 25.000 trees, but before its done the city has planted flowers for the citizens to come and pick for free. A very clever way of making PR for the area which is still somewhat unknown for most Copenhageners.

The area is huge (6,5 hektars) and there is no public transportation (yet). The best way to get here is by bicycle (of course), but you can also walk or drive (via Selinevej). But it is a bit more tricky because you have to climb a small hill to get there (which we did, but was a bit though for the girls). I have circled the area of the flower field on the map below.

We spend about an hour in the field making flowers wreaths and picking flowers for the house. I read it is expected that the flowers will last all the way till we have the first frost.

The girls are already asking when we can go back. Thank you Copenhagen for being such a great city.


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