Restaurant LouLou

With views overlooking the Tuileries Gardens, the Louvre Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower the LouLou Restaurant is worth a visit.

LouLou , a new French-Italian restaurant of the Museum of Decorative Arts, is a stylish addition to the Tuileries gardens. The location is inside on of the wings of Louvre and you enter by the Decorative Arts entrance or from the Louvre gardens.

Smart, cosy and flavoursome: vitello tonnato, squid in citrus fruits, Milanese osso buco, tuna tartar and caramel tart. Not to forget about the unforgettable truffle pizza.

The stylish and professional staff, the cool and well-dressed guests and the elegant terrace further enhance the experience. Only downside: no walk-ins, it is only possible to enjoy the LouLou restaurant, if you have booked in advance.

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