Long March Canteen

In the mood for dim sum when in Berlin…look no further.

Dim Sum and dumplings are the specialities of the Long March Canteen. The restaurant is cool, slightly dark looking with black painted walls, modern Asian art and canteen benches instead of chairs. From the outside it really doesn’t  look of anything, but as soon as you enter and a chick Asian women meets you under the blue neon sign, you know that this is not just your average Chinese restaurant.

Flavourwise you can expect anything on the menu, from salty over sweet to hot. Some of these tasty bits from the Shanghai cuisine like Pak Choi salad with baked ginger and soy sauce or marinated chicken skewers with water chestnuts and leek with a lime and honey sauce get prepared in traditional small steaming bamboo baskets. And even though our kids didn’t like anything of it, it is fair to say that it was very delicious.

To get a table reservations are needed: Long March Canteen

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