Pura Luhur Batukaru

The temple in the jungle.

The Pura Luhur Batukaru, is one of Bali’s key temples, located at the foot of namesake Mount Batukaru. 2 kilometer above sea level and surrounded by cool natural forests, the temple is also referred to as “The Temple in the jungle”.

Old Balinese chronicles state that the temple is from before the 11th century AD. A visit to the temple calls for proper attire and conduct. As with any Balinese temple visit, you must wear a sash around your waist, which are available for free at the security post before the temple entrance. Though free, a donation to the temple is expected, approx 15.000 rupiah per person.

Most temples in Bali are shaped like multiple roofed towers, it’s similar in design to  Japanese pagodas (in Balinese is called Meru). But the main sacred building (Pelinggih) in Pura Batukaru is not like Meru but it’s mostly like a vertical tower shaped like a pyramid pointed upward, influenced by the architecture of East Java and India.

The temple is just 2 kilometers from Jatiluwih making it a natural stopover before a visit to the rice terraces. it’s also a small area, so it is a very manageable for both adults and children.

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