Ulawatu Temple

One of the most important temples in Bali is located on Ulawatu.

The story goes that a holy priest from eastern Java, Dhang Hyang Dwijendra, then chose Uluwatu Temple to be his spiritual journey’s final worshiping place. Balinese Hindu devotees believe that he reached the highest spiritual point of oneness with deities by a strike of lightning and completely disappeared.

The temple has a very unique setting on a cliff top by one of the most known surfer beaches in Bali. A small path has been made of both sides of the temple that make it possible to enjoy the stunning view of the temple from a distance.

Unlike some other tourist destinations in Bali, Uluwatu Temple area has limited amounts of hassling vendors. Visitors must wear a sarong and a sash, as well as appropriate clothes common for temple visits. Do take it serious when the locals warn you about the monkeys. The moneys are holy and there they are running wild and really try to steal anything away from you they can get their hands on, that goes for sunglasses, mobile phones, cameras and more. They can get aggressive so stay clear of them.

Most recommended time to go is just before sunset. However, keep in mind that hundreds of tourists will be going at this hour. A Kecak dance is performed everyday at the adjacent cliff-top stage at 18:00 to 19:00. Visitors are charged a nominal fee. What makes it the most favourite venue to watch a Kecak dance is the sunset background of the performance. There’s no public transportation to get here and going back in to town will be difficult without any prearranged ride or taxi.

We went on a beautiful trip from Six Senses. It was a short but nice ride and we decided to go during the morning, to avoid all the crowds and also because we already saw a Kecak dance performance when we were in Ubud…

Our beautiful car on our trip from Six Senses to the temple.

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