Musée Moreau

The Musée national Gustave Moreau is an art museum dedicated to the works of Symbolist painter Gustave Moreau (1826–1898). It is located in the 9th arrondissement and can easily be missed when walking around. It is one of those “you have to look for it to find it” kind of places. It is not the usual tourist sight, but it is worth a visit.

Over the course of a visit, you can discover no less than 1,300 paintings, watercolours and sketches, and 5,000 drawings (some hidden in the wooden walls beneath the windows on the 2nd floor). The ground floor, recently renovated, also houses large format work. Whereas the more intimate 1st floor, containing the rooms of the artist’s apartment. The studios on the 2nd and 3rd floor, separated by a superb spiral staircase, display the artist’s major works.


Musée Moreau, 14 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris

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