Hotel Androoms Osaka Hommachi

For Osaka we booked our hotel super late (2 days before arrival). We were not sure how much time we wanted to spend, or if Osaka was even a destination we would pass through. However, the food was to alluring and it was on our way to our final destination, Kyoto,

We stayed 2 nights, and that we did not regret.

We stayed at the nice hotel Androoms, complete renovated this year, and it was in a nice quiet area, but still super close to everything. It was raining “cats & dogs”, so we did use taxis a lot, simply due to the short length of our stay that we wanted to maximise. However, taxi is cheap in Japan, so going to Dotonbori (the street food area) was just 8 euros…so was the trip going to Osaka Castle. Well worth it in terms of saving time and get to do a lot in the just 2 days we spend here.

The hotel had large rooms, was very family friendly and super Scandi in style.


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