Lofoten Norway

Lofoten might be the most beautiful place we ever visited.

Lofoten is North Norway, and is both one of the most beautiful places in Norway and also in the world (in our opinion). We came with a wish to enjoy the nature, but also to get to experience the Northern Lights. We did see truly amazing nature, however, we have the Northern Lights to experience yet…it was cloudy during the night all of the 4 days we spend there. Still, we had 4 magical days of Norwegian nature, fresh fish and unique experiences. We went in March 2020 and the was much snow and ice at that time, but apparently it various a bit in March month from year to year.

So, how to get to Lofoten (see below)…

From Bodø to Lofoten

To get to Lofoten, you can either fly, drive or take the boat. We did 2 of the 3. To go there we took a flight via Oslo to Bodø and from here we took the ferry to Stamsund, which takes 4 hours. To go to Svolvær it takes 6 hours. This trip is cheaper than taking the flight over, and even though it is a much longer ride it is really worth it (as long as there is no storm, but the water is calm).It is such a beautiful ride, and convenient with restaurants on board and a deck pool that the kids enjoyed a lot. In Leknes we had rented a car, which we could order to pick-up in Stamsund, and from there we drove to our cabin.

Tip: The ferry has a very limited schedule and only sails 2-3 times a day, so make sure to coordinate your flight with the boat or at least be aware that there might be a few hours of transit in between the flight and the ferry. The ferry is a very short ride in a taxi away from the flight terminal.

On the Way back from Lofoten, we took the flight from Leknes (you can also fly from Svolvær) to Bodø. It is a super short ride of just 20 minutes. The smallest plane we ever tried, and we were lucky to have a sunny day, so we could enjoy the spectacular view all the way over.

Tip: make sure to book a connecting flight all the way through from Lofoten and to your end destination, that way you don’t have to check your luggage in and out of the various terminals on the way. Also, then you need very little time between the connecting flights in Bodø airport (which is tiny).

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