Horseback Riding in Lofoten

One of the most amazing ways to experience Lofoten.

The Hov Gård is offering camping, sauna, lunch and horseback riding. We came for the latter. We booked from home before coming as there is only 2 option per day during the summer and 1 option a day during the winter. We had extra guides with us to make sure the children were okay. It was such an amazing way to experience the nature of Lofoten. The horse are Icelandic horses, so they were not too big (I find that some horses can be really big), and they were very easy and nice to ride – also for the children.

Because it was cold and cloudy, being there in March, we had it all to ourselves. No other people were in sight, which I imagine is not the case during the summertime, especially at the beach, where we got got to just enjoy the nature and our own company.

After 1 1/2 hours of hours riding we had booked for lunch at the Hov restaurant, which was super delicious and just what we needed before heading on with the day.

If we could only do one thing when coming back to Lofoten, this would be it.

Tip: book in advance (and you can only get there by car as it is a pretty isolated part of Gimsøy)

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