Phu Quoc, sightseeing

Phu Quoc is especially known for its watersports and beautiful beaches.

Recently the longest non-stop 3-way cablecar was build, and it stretches an impressive 8km from the south tip of the “Sun World”going up till 174 meters at the tallet point and taking just 15 minutes to ride. The Sun World also offers tickets with a laser show, that is quite extra-ordinary. We didn’t try the cable cars this time around, since a ccouple of us are affraid of heights, but the view would be pretty amazing, and definitely an experience worth.

Instead we stayed on the ground and went for the Star-fish beach. Very important to note, that there is a star-fish season (which apparently is October), and if you go out side of this season, there are very few starfish to see. The beach is still beautiful, and the small local restaurants on water serves really nice food and cold drinks (the small fishing village Rach Ven is just next to the Star-fish beach and very authentic with great local seafood). We also paid to go with a small wooden boat just 5 minutes up the coast, and it was worth the 400.000VND as this area was true secluded paradise with small shaded chairs, a hammock in the ocean and a tiny kiosk for cold beverages. The Star-fish beach is located on the Northern shore of the island and the road there is very rough the last part of the way up there. But it is super nice to spend a day exploring the area, and even though it felt a bit disappointing at first (as there weren’t really any starfish), we ended up having a nice day swimming and hanging out).

Phu Quoc also has a couple of Pearl farms, and we visited Ngoc Trai Ngoc Hien to do a Little shopping. Vietnamese pearls are really nice and very fair in price when visiting one of the Pearl farms. This Pearl farm at Phu Quoc has pearls from all over Asia, and a large vamriaty of prices.

As Phu Quoc is a tropical island, it offers a diverse marine ecosystem and striking coral reefs. The tours offered to go scuba diving or snorkling are many. But we booked for a private tour, since we only wanted to go for half a day and avoid the “tourist traps”. Both Dagmar and I get sea sick very quick, so we wanted the chance to get into shore if we were too sick and we didn’t want any visits to “photo option location” and such. Finally, we wanted to go out early, to catch the reefs before the rest of the many tourists ;-). This plan was a succes (we actually did get very sea sick, but we always do), we went off 1 hour before the many other tours from the An Thoi harbour heading towards May Rut island, and we had the spot entirely to ourselves. Later we had lunch at the Ham Gi island. A lot of the other tours offers 2-3 island snorkling visits for a full day and I am sure that is nice, if you don’t get as sea sick as us.

Of other things to do on the island can be mentioned trekking to waterfalls and through the “jungle” in the national park area.

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