Koh Ngai

We are in love with an Island…

And it is called Koh Ngai (pronounced Ko Hai).

The simple and slow life, the beauty of the nature and not to mention the many shades of blue of the water as the day and evening goes by.

Despite the fact that the bungalows are tiny, and all 4 of us share a queen size bed harder than rock and there is no room for our stuff, so we literally love out of our suitcases. Despite the fact that a huge gecko left gecko shit inside our bungalow (we know because the staff came and found it under the tiny house). And despite the fact that you can not buy anything special. We l-o-v-e it here.

Here’s not much to do than just “hang” and enjoy. So that what we have been doing for our  little week here. Just been hanging.




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