Tham Marokot

Today we went on a tour to visit the Marokot Cave inside the island of Koh Muk.

Hidden inside the island is a small lagoon featuring emerald-coloured water, hence the Tham Marokot is also called the Emerald Cave.

When the tide is low enough the entrance to the lagoon is unveiled. The get to the lagoon the you have to swim through a narrow tunnel of 80 meters. Very narrow. When being claustrophobic, like Christina, you need to overcome this challenge…because it is worth it.

Such a small precious little lagoon with 100 meters high mountain walls all around it. Used by pirates to hide their treasures long before tourists arrived. We booked a private trip to go extra early in order to avoid peak hour. We were lucky to get there in time and for a couple of minutes we actually had the lagoon completely to ourselves.

The entrance

Inside the tunnel

Emerald green water

Arriving by long tail boat


6 thoughts on “Tham Marokot

  1. Dejlige billeder. Nyder at læse om jeres tur. Alt ok her. Vi venter frost. Øv – nu er bøgen ellers sprunget ud.
    Pas på hinanden. Kys fra kyllingemor


  2. Kan se at Agnes har sin favorit hat på. Vil I godt give Agnes og Dagmar en krammer fra os. Vi savner jer alle fire. Kan I ikke sende en flybillet ? så kommer vi


  3. Igen flotte foto. Det første kunne jeg godt tænke mig at have hængende. Det af dig Christina er smukt.
    Skal det ikke stå på dit skrivebord på arbejdet – Bjørn?


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