Yet Another “Koh”

We have moved (again). This time we are on the East coast of Thailand at the famous Island of Koh Samui. Famous for its white sand beaches and full moon parties.

Bjørn has been here before, 14 years ago, when the island first started to develope. However today it is a busy island. Its a first for Christina and the girls.

Still, quite places are to be found. We found one. South on the island we have rented a “private” villa on the beach via Airbnb. It is functioning as a micro resort. The couple, Martin and Nikki, who owns the place has 5 villas, 1 restaurant, and a boat service business. So we have the luxury of having housekeeping every day, while enjoying a lot more space than the average hotel room. The girls are really happy to now have a room of their own. So are we.

It took 7 hours to get here from Koh Ngai. We flew with Bangkok Airways from Krabi airport to Koh Samui. It was a really good experience. We didn’t know what to expect, however the service was amazing and all passengers of Bangkok Airways had access to a VIP lounge, which had full catering (incl. a popcorn machine – the girls loved). However it was still a long hot trip, so the first things we did upon arrival was jump in the pool 💦.

The next couple of weeks we look forward to explore this island and surroundings.

One thought on “Yet Another “Koh”

  1. Sikke et sted. Lukker jeg øjnene kan jeg næsten mærke solen og vinden og samtidig lugte havet.
    I fortjener bare denne rejse.


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