Hello Singapore

A city in a garden…

We have arrived in Singapore.

Staying with friends Ole, Marie & their daughter Anna. We have 6 days at this destination and by day 2 we already love it.

First impression was the botanical touch of the city. Visiting Garden by the Bay really enhanced this impression.

In the Gardens there are 2 domes – do not miss out on these, The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, we visited the latter today and we were truly fascinated by this man-made tropical fairytale rain forest world.There is a lot to do in the Gardens, so we will be back. We heard the supertrees sing and light up in the evening, and we also missed out on the Children’s Garden. So, to be continued…

One thought on “Hello Singapore

  1. Hvor er vi glade for at I hørte træerne spille. Ja, det er et eventyrligt område.
    Har I hørt, at vi har fået sommervejr. Hurra.

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