Botanical Gardens

A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Singapore Botanical Garden was the target of our Sunday tour. Even though all of Singapore is filled with trees and flowers the garden feels like a special breathing space of calm.

What a treat to have the Singapore Symphony Orchestra perform a concert for us on the occasion of Mother’s Day. 

The Children’s Garden was a hit too containing a small water park and much more.

The Royal Orchid Garden really needs a mentioning. They charge a small fee of 5 dollars per adult as entrance fee, however worth it. The National Orchid Garden has 1000 species of orchids and 2000 hybrids, 600 of which are displayed in the garden. Beautifully layoutet in 4 seasons and filled with small “greens corners and tunnels”.
On our way…

From the children’s water park

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra performing a free concert in the open on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Picnic & concert time

From the Orchid Garden (an award winning species)

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