Welcome to the Jungle

They call themselves The World’s Best Rainforest Zoo. We agree. The The Singapore Zoo is really something special.

The Zoo is located on a peninsula surrounded by water

Dagmar very quiet – something she never saw before in her life; the pygmy hippopotamus

The white tiger

The Orangoutangs

Then this happened…

And we actually got to hand-feed the giraffes

Lemur monkeys just hanging around above our heads. We took this picture because Agnes’ friend, Louis, luuuvs the lemur monkeys. We called it King Julian 😉

Another park – another water park. Perfect for cooling down a little on a humid and hot 34 degrees day 💦.

You can always tell if a place is really great on its bathroom…and this is really great. We went to spend a couple of hours, but ended up spending more than 6…



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