Ha Long Bay – vol. III

The floating Fishing Village

The Fishing Village in Halong Bay is part of the tour with The Dragon legend (3 days 2 nights only) cruise trip. Our guide told us that the floating village today only inhabits 100 people. Not very long ago the number was 500, but a lot of people were moved by the government to ensure, among other things, the children access to school and healthcare. The village is isolated in the middle of the bay and its economy is depending on fishing and harvesting pearls from their oyster farm.

Locals took us around the area in small boats to have the full experience of their lives and homes. Some lived in the tiny floating houses, some lived on their boats. There was a special atmosphere – like entering another world. We had a long talk with our girls about living such a different life other than what they know of from what they call ‘normal’.

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