Ha Long – Take Us Back

The thunderstorm call back

Dagmar blending in with the dragon head…

Bjørn busy calling to re-arrange our Sapa trip

The ONLY negative to say about our Ha Long Bay adventure was that a thunderstorm came along and all ships in the bay were called back to harbour. We still had 24 hours left of our trip and were so sad to receive the news. But apparently it happens a lot during this time of the year.

Torn between booking a new trip, have an extra day in Hanoi our rebook our next trip, we decided to rebook our next trip to turn something negative into something positive. Luckily it is mid-season for tourism in Vietnam and we therefore were able to move our trip to Sapa one day up. Even though we are very thankful we got to change our program, we still feel a little roped by the thunderstorm…damn you thunderstorm…

Maybe in the future we will be able to go back. We would definitely do it all over again.

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