Water Puppet Show

A unique Vietnamese experience.

One of Vietnam’s most famous home-grown arts is the making of water puppets. This ancient art originated from the farmers who worked on the paddy fields in the countryside. During times of flooding, the farmers would entertain themselves and their families by performing water puppet shows out in the fields. Today it is an art form set in the theaters.

We never heard about Water Puppets before, but we found out Hoi An showed this kind of show every weekend at their local theater. So we decided to go find out what it was all about.

All four of us really enjoyed it. It was also explained in English, so we could follow the script of the show. It was a very unique and interesting experience. The girls especially loved the fire dragons and the fairies. The main part of the guests were local families. Chips were handed out to all kids just before show start… tonight, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Friday evening together.

One thought on “Water Puppet Show

  1. Ja, dette oplevede vi også. I har fået nogle gode billeder af det.
    Selv om vi ikke taler samme sprog, så kan vi godt forstå og more os over sådan en forestilling.


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