Foodie Tour

Hoi An is very famous for 2 things: great tailoring and great food.

Last night we tried our first food tour. We had booked an evening walking tour with Hoi An Food Tour . We chose the evening walk to avoid the heat of the day (34 degrees).

We brought along bicycles for the girls to sit on in between the food tastings. It turned out to be a very good idea. Though the walking distance wasn’t a problem for Bjørn and I, it would definitely had been a big challenge for the girls. The full tour was 3,5 hours.

It was a really good experience. It was interesting to learn about the history and ingrediences of the different food. At the end of the tour their was some traditional games and a short boat ride on the river in the Ancient town, but we went back to the hotel with our tired girls. They followed us through 8 dishes, but even angels have limits 😉

The white rose dumpling is produced by one 1 family in Hoi An. The family business supplies the rest of the town with the roses. The recipe remains a secret – and has for 3 generations.

All the famous food here in Hoi An is made fresh and by hand

The food market

Famous Ms. Ha presenting us the Cao Lau noodle dish (special noodles, pork, noodle chips, fresh herbs and greens and a secret sauce)

Cao Lau

Mini savory coconut pancakes with a qual egg inside served with pickled papaya, greens and fish sauce.

La Hee Bune Familia


The full menu was:

  1. White Rose (dumplings)
  2. Banh Mi (baguettes)
  3. Cao Lau
  4. balut – optional (we didn’t try it…it is a duck egg – with a duck inside – cooked whole)
  5. Vietnamese coffee
  6. Mini savory
  7. Fried springrolls
  8. Fresh rice paper pork rolls
  9. Sweet corn and coconut pudding

One thought on “Foodie Tour

  1. Nej, hvor spændende. Rigtig god ide også at få smags, duft og synssansen udfordret på en spændende måde.


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