Cam Nam

Just over the bridge at Hoang Dieu Street behind the Ancient Town is the small island Cam Nam.

The island is the opposite of what you are leaving behind in the Ancient Town, which is noisy, full of vendors and crowded. On Cam Nam there is almost no traffic, but a slow pace of everyday life and locals hanging out, going to school, fishing and craftsmen working in the small carpenter workshops.

We went for a stroll on rented bicycles today (1 day 20.000vd = 6dkk). The island is approx 4 km long, so we drove all the way around it. A really nice (and hot) way to spend a late morning.

✌🏼 for Vietnam
Drying small fish in the sun

Love how kids see the world. Instead of seeing poverty for this small house, Dagmar thought it was so nice to have the bed outside, and she wished we could have that too back home.

The laundry out in front of the house..something we have noticed all over Vietnam…


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