The Beach

The Hoi An beach

The An Bang beach of Hoi An is just 4 kilometers from the city centre. It is a nice quiet beach, where most activity happens late afternoons and evenings, when the locals gather around for a swim and a barbecue. Very few hotels are located here, but merely a few beach bars and castaway restaurants are present. A lean stream of beach sellers are the only eyesore to disturb the peace.

The water is clear and refreshing (read a bit cold;-) and due to waves it is not the most child friendly beach. But the sea breeze and the bohemian atmosphere made us enjoy the time at the beach anyway.

We dinned at Soul Kitchen – an oceanfront laid back restaurant lounge, hung out and watched  the sun set. 


One thought on “The Beach

  1. Hej Agnes og Dagmar! Er det et marsvin som i kæler med ?
    Havde den et navn ? Rigtig flotte nederdele. Vi har været ude på Grenen, hvor Skagerak og Kattegat mødes, her må man ikke bade, men godt soppe. Nu har vi fået sommer her.


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