Silverland Sakyo

The Silverland Sakyo Hotel is located in the Japanese Area of Ho Chi Minh, district 1.

The Silverland Hotels has several hotels in the city, also the Grand Silverland Hotel could be a good choice for staying in this vibrant area of HCMC.

The hotel has a small rooftop pool (not very suitable for children) and bar. It is a little too hot to use during the day in the hot season (which is now), however a really nice breathing hole away from the busy and noisy streets of this area in the evening.

HCMC is full of good spas – and there are A LOT of them. The prices are super cheap (ex. 200.000vd for a pedicure = 60Dkk or 350.000 for a massage 90 minutes = 135Dkk). The spa at the Sakyo hotel is a little bit more expensive, but I have to say it is one of the best facials I ever had, so worth the extra spend if you ask me.

In the afternoon the hotel serves complimentary afternoon tea including tea, coffee, a broad variety of mini cakes, waffles and fruit – it was perfect coming back after a hot long day of exploring. On Dagmar’s birthday the hotel had gotten small special cake and a small gift for her (a surprise to us all). That was so sweet and attentive of them.

The tiles in our room made us feel totally at home. For those who know us and our house: it is the same as we have on our doorsteps.

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