War Remnant Museum

What happened in Vietnam should not stay in Vietnam. They War Remnant museum takes us through the unbearable history of the Vietnam War (1955-75).

We went to the one of the most important sights of Ho Chi Minh, the War Remnant Museum.

We can only share pictures from the outside. The museum is very graphic and what happened in the many many years the war went on is heart breaking in so many ways. I couldn’t help but crying going through the museum and being reminded of what happened not so long ago.

The exihibitions tells the story from a subjective angle. Nonetheless it all really happened…and the story must be shared to remind us that this shall never happen again. 


We had the girls with us, but we felt they were too young to be exposed to this kind of evil and too small to understand what it was all about. We had read that there was a kids zone, and so there was on the second floor. The place is mainly for toddlers and kids up to the age of 10 years old I would say. Bjørn and I took turns to see the exibitions.

The girls had a lot of fun in the kids zone reading books, playing with balloons and dress up.

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