Beitou Hot Springs

On a very hot day, we decided to visit some very hot springs.

Beitou is apparently one of the largest concentrations of hot springs and spas in the world.

The small valley was developed by the Japanese during the occupation (1895-1945), and is today a busy area with many spas and resorts. The springs contains green sulpher – only found here and in Japan.

It was just too hot for us to try the public hot spring (the spring in the first picture is 65-100 degrees celcius) and unfortunately the public area was under construction. But I am sure it would be a very nice place to visit during the winter, or if we had found one of the cold springs to try out.

We went up to the area with the metro – stop at Beitou – very easy and convenient. All the kids wanted after to small tour was to get back home to the pool…and so we did.

Agnes, Ella, Anton, Olivia and Dagmar.

A beautiful giant moth we found at the springs.

Our very own girl band 😉

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