Din Tai Fung

The world-famous Michelin star awarded dumpling restaurant.

Once voted on the Top Ten Restaurant List in the world by the New York Times and owner of a Michelin Star, the Din Tai Fung shop is much hyped and crazy popular. There is constantly a line going around the block, and the waiting time is minimum 1-2 hours. But no visit to Taipei is complete without visiting the Din Tai Fung. So off we went to join the line.

We were there early for dinner (5.30) and were so lucky to only wait in line for 45 minutes – furthermore we ended up with a table for 8 people by the window!

The ordering of the food you order on a small slip while waiting in line. And what a feast. The dumplings really are that amazing. The price for all of us incl. what we were drinking: 2400NT (500DKK).

View from the line while waiting in the rain.

Ordering the various food.

Vegetarian and shrimp/pork dumplings

Prawn dumpling with spicy sauce.

Peanut noodles.

pickled cucumber with special sauce.

How the dumplings were served.

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