National Palace Museum

It rains 300 days out of 365 days a year in Taiwan. On this rainy day we went to the National Palace Museum…

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is the perfect way to spend a rainy morning. The museum is quite large and the has divided the exhibitions in order (The Jade Exhibition, The Calligraphy Exhibition and so on), which makes it very easy to have an overview.

All the exhibitions were so impressive and interesting, but especially the treasures brought in from the Forbidden City in Beijing and the special exhibition about the Terracotta  warriors and the Qin Culture were highlights.

We spend half a day here (you can easily spend more time) exploring the many exhibition floors of amazing history and culture storytelling.

Don’t forget to check out the very last room behind the River Storytelling Painting Rolls on the 3rd floor, there is a super cool digital and interactive room – easily missed if you don’t pay attention. And as it is with everything else here in Taiwan, go as early as possible to avoid the crazy tourist rush hours in the afternoons.

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