Jagalchi Fish Market

South Korea’s largest fish market is located in Busan.

The Jagalchi fish market is a very colorful market. It is partly outside under umbrellas, partly inside 2 large halls. fish and all other kinds of seafood are available here both a live and dried.

You can also eat here, there a numerous amount of small local restaurants. Koreans are famous for their fish fresh. So if you for example want sashimi, you pick you own fish (out of a tank or bucket) and then they cut it up for you to eat then and there.

Now that is a little too fresh for us afterall. Our intention was to try this Korean style sashimi or other seafood dishes, however we chickened out in the last minute. Maybe it was the smell at the market or maybe it was the idea of looking into the fish’ eyes and then eat it right after…

The Koreans like their food (very) spicy. The only other thing sold at the fish market is from this small vendor selling chillies.

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