Hahoe Folk Village

Our final UNESCO listed destination of the day is the Hahoe Folk Village.

The Hahoe Folk Village is a traditional village from the Joseon Dynasty. The village is a valuable part of Korean culture because it preserves Joseon period-style architecture, folk traditions, valuable books, and old tradition of clan-based villages. At the entrance of the village we are “met” by totem poles. One of the many things ancient Koreans apparently have in common with American Indians (they also have fx tribe stories of bears/spirit animals and nature feng shui).

In the Hahoe village the members of Ryu family, which originated from Hahoe Village, have lived together for 600 years. The great thing about this village is that is still is a village where people live. Even though the interior is more modern now and the people who live here has cars and TVs, the exterior has remained (and been very well maintained) the same, it makes the places very interesting and soulful. This is not a museum – it is a village. Sorry, a UNESCO World Heritage listed village.

The village is very beautifully located with the mountains on one side (protecting is from invaders from the south) and the Nakdong River all around it. It also has kept its original playground that the girls very much enjoyed (especially Agnes misses her swing in our garden at home).

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