Fashion, street art and much more…

The Hongik area of Seoul is right next to the Hongik University. It is here local fashion heroes come to live. The area is filled with small (and large) shops from all the Korean brands and has a very buzzling and young designer vibe. A lot of interesting fashion is to be found in this area, but also hip cafes, shoe shops, beauty and iPhone covers.

We went to this area today (it is right next to the area we are staying in, Sinchon) and did a little last minute shopping before we fly back home to Copenhagen tomorrow morning.

Mainly women’s fashion is in the area, however Bjørn also found some super cool new prescription pair of glasses. The shop did the prescription glasses in just 40 minutes! That could not have happened in Denmark, not to mention the price here is 1/6 of what we would pay in Denmark.

We are all happy about the souvenirs we bring back home with us and now we are (almost) ready to end our 3 months travel adventure. The girls are very excited to go back and have their own room and see their friends (the only times they have played with other kids their own age on this trip was in Taiwan (7 days) and Thailand (2 days)).


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