2 Million people passes through the streets of  Myeong-dong every day.

The Myeongdong area is a very popular shopping area in the middle of Seoul. It is especially known as a heaven for “K-beauty-maniacs”. The K-Beauty is becoming more and more known and popular throughout the world. It has a very specific 10-steps routine that has to be followed every morning and evening. However most known are the sheet masks.

In Myeongdong every Korean beauty brand is represented and there are many good deals to be made. So yes, I did let myself carry away with the promise of amazing beautiful and glowing skin. I bought the famous snail-sheet-masks, egg-cleansing soap and bb cream (also a well-known K-beauty invention).

Myeongdong also offers fashion shopping and we went to the Lotte Department store to check some of it out. The fashion was good, but the Lotte food court was even better. We had lunch here and then after ice creams and more shopping.

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