Tribeca NV

The Tribeca NV restaurant has apparently been around for 10 years, but I only just learned about it.

The restaurant is located in North Vest of Copenhagen in a backyard with a great rooftop area for dining (during the summer time).
The food is organic Italien inspired/ New York-gastronomy served on trays (family style). We went for the full 8-course tasting menu to get a taste of it all. the serving incl a pre-dinner drink took about 3 hours and though the staff was a little understaffed for a busy saturday evening they were serviceminded and kind.
A place for families if you come early and a more urban hip crowd later in the evening.

The food os simple and nice. I will be back for Aperole Spritz and the tasty chicken again when the weather allows a visit to the rooftop terrace.

Reservations are recommended (2 couples came in from the street and were turned down while we were there).

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