Aros Art Museum 

The Aros Art Museum in Aarhus is always a treat.

Aros Art Museum is located in the heart of Aarhus (the 2nd largest city in Denmark) and is never a disappointment. We have been many times now and every time it amazes us with great exhibitions. There is apparently a kids workshop somewhere in the beautiful building, but up until now we have not had the time to visit. To get the full experience a visit takes at least half a day.

Especially the Olafur Eliasson rainbow on top of the museum is something very unique.
Not to be missed – under any circumstances.

But also the giant installation art piece Valkyrie Ván placed in the centre of the museum, to be viewed from all different  angles, is amazing.

This season, April-September, the main exhibition is The Garden – The Past and it worth a visit. It is mixed with everything from historical art, modern paintings and installation art in various forms. Both us and the kids enjoyed it very much.

The tickets are 17 euros and kids between 0-18 years old are free to bring.

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