We went to Capri by private boat.

We found a small boat renting company by change in our local harbour. They had 1 last boat available and the weather was with us, no wind. So we rented a private boat to go to Capri.

The trip started out very well with suppliance from the food shop, sun and excitement to go on adventure. But within 1 hour I was very seasick, Dagmar was sleeping (as she always does when in moving vehicles) and Agnes was sad we was away from the pool – super.

We made it to Capri, which by the way did not take 30 minutes as the boat lady had told us but actually 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I was so sick…So even though the plan had been to sail around the Island, we had to get off in the harbour for a “sea break”.

We found a place in the shadow to have ice cream (most expensive ice creams ever, but it was Capri after all) and after a while we were good to go again. The Island and the harbour was crazy busy, so we decided not to explore the island this time but to head back. The trip back went really well and we were all happy to be back to mainland and our food shop and our lovely apartment (and the pool) in the evening.

So much for a Capri adventure…


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