Home away from home

Sorrento / Amalfie coast

We rented a small apartment in Sorrento with homeaway.com.

The apartment is in a renovated house with 4 apartments. The owners a very nice and the place is peaceful and have a huge garden with fruit trees (lemons and oranges), vegetables, chickens, a horse and a small pool. We love it here. The girls are so excited about the pool – which we (so far) have been the only ones using) – and in front of our apartment we have a large sundeck where we eat out every morning and evening. The pear tree is booming with pears and both the girls and the house (fed by the girls) are taking advantage of this.

The beach is just 300 meters down the road right next to a tiny local harbour. We take the elevator down through the mountain side (1 euro) and then we exit right into the harbour.

Sorrento “down town” is just 2 km away, but we haven’t gone into the city yet, we are enjoying our time here in Piano Di Sorento too much.

The mercato is very close, and we also found this small food shop by the harbour where we have been taken away amazing food super cheap. Best tomatoes I every had in my life…and did I mention that the girls are very excited about the pool 😉


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