We live in a trullo.

We have re-located and is now staying in an authentic trullo, 300 years old, recently restored by a young couple through 3 years. The couple lives right across from the tiny resort (6 trulli) and the woman is an architect and they have been a part of the whole process from the beginning. They just opened the resort last summer, so some things are still work-in-progress, however we fell in love with this place right away.

First of all our trullo is 50m2 big and has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/living room area and also a very nice bathroom. Outside there is a private terrace and 20 meters away a big pool area with a fresh water pool.
There is also a small playground, an outdoor kitchen (to share with the other guests) and a vegetable garden from where the guests can have vegetables for their dinners. The hostess, Stephanie, brought us apricots, tomatoes, zucchinis and fresh herbs for us upon arrival. Needless to say it all tasted amazing.

The girls absolutely love having their own bedroom and the pool. The resort is called Alma Petra and we highly recommend it. In fact we just booked 2 more nights, so we will be back here again in just a few days. Then we will also have time to explore the town, Locorotrondo, some – it is suppose to be beautiful.


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