TV Tower

We went for brunch 207 meters above ground.

The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is one of the most prominent landmark in Berlin and the tallest building in Germany.

Apparently a separate TV broadcasting system for East Berlin was a necessity during the years of division and the fact that it was built right in the middle of the city was Ulbricht’s original vision. A fun fact is, that it remains the only city TV tower in Europe.

 An urban legend has it, the tower’s height was a deliberate decision taken by Walter Ulbricht, Leader of the SED, so that every child would be able to remember it, just like the days of the year; 365 (meters). After a renovation of the last bit of the tower, the summit today actually 368m. It was originally built by East German architects Fritz Dieter, Günter Franke and Werner Ahrendt in the 1960’ties. The interior is from the same period, so the restaurant has a very significant cool 60’ties vibe.

The restaurant is revolving once around its axis every 60 minutes. We went for the brunch, which we booked in advance. This way we could check-in at the queue for online bookings and avoid the long queue for tickets. It was a great way to experience the tower and the view with the girls.

Just below the restaurant is the observatorium for all visitors, which you also have acces to when visiting the restaurant. So after food and coffee, we went downstairs to have a further look at the city from above.

When booking online, they ask for the tickets to be printed out, however, we only had them with us digital (Iphone), and it was no issue at all.

TV Tower



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